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Sew More Stitches

Sew More StitchesSew More StitchesSew More Stitches

with Rhonda Pierce

Rhonda Pierce


Let's Sew!

I love to sew.  I love to quilt.  Every day others inspire me with needle and thread.


Knowledgeable. Professional. Refreshing.

 What do I do?  I promote sewing & quilting.  I sell sewing machine needles.  Today I represent the most recognized names in the sewing industry, SCHMETZ home sewing needles and Grabbit Sewing Tools.  Traveling, teaching, interacting with sewing & quilting fans, designers, authors and small business owners from around the world is a joy and an inspiration.  I listen to their stories and thoughts for product improvements and end uses.  Endlessly, I am delighted at the ingenuity and creativity expressed in fabric.  Sewing and quilting are hobbies and... my way of life.  


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Rhonda teaches, creates and inspires quilters and sewists to elevate their respect for that little 2" piece of steel, the SCHMETZ home sewing machine needle.  Lecturing at consumer sewing shows, guilds, dealer events and special presentations, Rhonda gleefully takes her dream job seriously contributing to the sewing and quilting industry as  spokesperson for SCHMETZ home sewing needles North America and marketing director for Euro-notions.